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plz accounted created by :icongaritter:

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I love this icon :iconsebastian-wtfplz:
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word "WARNING"

There was a girl called Samantha. She was a pretty lucky girl, Until... When she was 5 her mom hated her, She stayed in her room saying to herself "Why is my mom hating me? What have I ever done to her" Then when she was 10 everyone in her family hated her. She sat in a corner of her room, Crying thinking of herself falling off a cliff. When she was 15 she went to high school, There were more bullies than friends. She got in trouble for no reason. Then when she was 20 everyone heard the news and hated her more and more each day. Samantha finally stayed in her room... She could not handle the hate anymore, She went to the kitchen to get a knife... She went to her bedroom and killed herself. When Samantha's mom found her dead body, Tears came streaming down her face thinking of all the terrible things that she did to her. If you don't copy and paste this to 10 other plz accounts, Samantha will be there with the same knife that she killed herself with at midnight.

Case 1

Billy did not believe in this so he deleted this without reading the whole thing! When he woke up at midnight he saw Samantha with a huge knife... Well Billy is in history now...

Case 2

Kaylie said that she would be fine if she posted this to 5 plz accounts, Silly Kaylie! She got bad luck!!

Case 3

Max was a pretty clever boy, He knew what would happen if he did not post this on to 10 plz accounts. He posted this to 15 plz accounts and got very good luck

0 times: Death

1-5 times: Bad luck

10-20 Very good luck
crazyartist12 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
:iconseriousclaudefaceplz: try me.
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Ples no :iconsebastian-wtfplz:
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HoneyandSubject Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist
:iconaloisleleleplz: Lelelelelelelelelelelelelelelelele~
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: Um?
:icongrellplz: *Sees Sebastian* *LE GASP* Sebas-chan! Please bear my children!
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: I will NOT bear your children!! D:<
:iconcielcrossdress: Oh! Sebastian! How do I look in my dress?? :D
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: You look... beautiful, master. e___e"
:iconcielcrossdress: Yay~! Now bring me cake!
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: Yes, Master.
:iconhoneyflowersplz: Cake? :3
:iconkawaiiaruplz: OMG kawaii aru! *Glomps Hunny*
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: *Comes back with cake* .__."
Who are---
:iconhoneyflowersplz: *Eats cake* OMNOMNOMNOMNOM
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: -____-"
:iconkiddlaughplz: Bahhahah!
:icongrellplz: *Gropes Sebastian's ass* Sebas-chan!
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: ...!?!? e___e""""
:iconfrancedisapprovesplz: That's MY job!!
:iconedmadplz: Perverts. Perverts everywhere.
:iconkaitoohcrapplz: He knows....
:iconkiralaughplz: It's going just as planned!
:iconpervynearplz: So YOU are Kira!
:iconcutelenplz: Please don't kill me...
:iconlbananaplz: I ate your banana.
:iconlenohnoesplz: D: ...
:iconukdanceplz: *Comes in Drunk* Ahahah...*Hic*
:iconravebutlerplz: EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!!
:iconlingdanceplz: Awww yeaaahh!
:icondancingrussiaplz: Ahah~
:iconsebastian-wtfplz: You know what?? SCREW YOU GUYS. I'M OUT OF HERE.

Randapayne Featured By Owner Edited Aug 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
"I ate your banana."
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